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A project worth showcasing.

It is very important to me that I have a personal cause.  A cause that becomes part of how I define who I am.  These are one of the few projects that are inspired by that personal cause.  Although I had little time to shoot this music video, I spent a lot of time alone editing.  Giving me time to contemplate on the subject matter that the music so eloquently presented, with beautiful vocals.  It became an emotional art piece that demanded that I use design in a way that will captivate the viewer to consider a possible need to help those in need.  To me this is important.  A massive reason why I love this medium and it's power to move our emotions.

While working on this project I had a day to shoot.  The song was completed within a weekend by two talented song writers Joseph "Baby Jae" Fotu and his wife and business partner Analeah Fotu (Brown) who also sings on the track accompanied by the artist Nina Faifili (Nina Ledger).  Friends and relatives also joined the dual on the track, I also participated in the closing part of the song.

Chris MaleComment